Friday, March 27, 2015

NAEA 2015 Presentation Supplementals

Presenting is always so nerve racking for me!  I love to share with my colleagues though, so I fight through the nerves and 'make it work!'

Make, Show and Flip for Videos

Here's a link to view the keynote turned PDF in Google Drive.

Designing Your Curriculum with Students, Standards, and Meaning in Mind

Here's a link to view the keynote turned PDF in Google Drive.

Find the unit planning grid here!  This is google drive published.  If you would like to edit this document you'll have to go to my class website, which will allow me to publish documents without a round about way.  You can find that at

To be able to edit this document go to my school website.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Orleans Bound!

I'm leaving on a jet plane!  I am so excited for the ultimate inspirational event,  NAEA National Conference in New Orleans!  I have two sessions I'll be presenting at and I hope you for some great discussion and collaboration!

Make, Show and Flip for Videos! 
8:00-8:50 AM on FRIDAY!

Convention Center/Meeting Room 207/Second Level

Learn how videos, simple to complex, are made in art class, adaptive art and enrichment classes. Learn where to find engaging videos and create flipped instructions for all learners!

Designing Your Curriculum with Students, Standards and Meaning in Mind
2:00-2:50 PM on SATURDAY!

Convention Center/Meeting Room R03/Second Level

Discover a big idea curriculum that partners with the national standards and embraces technology. Explore the artmaking process with my K-5 students and lessons that are relevant to their lives.

NOLA BOUND! Normally, I hate leaving my students, but I won't be missing this view! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Form, Fish and Inspiring Mistakes in Kindergarten

This outcome of this project was inspired by running
out of white paper and forgetting to use stickers!
Did you know I take my kindergarten students through the elements of art?  It's really the only place you'll ever see me focus on them in my curriculum.  I just like that I can teach so many procedures and materials by playing and experimenting with the elements and recognizing them in other artworks.  My first through fifth grade curriculum is all big idea based.  It works well having this materials/elements/play foundation and in first grade we are ready to roll with storytelling, heroes, nature, celebration, and all the other big ideas we explore.  At the end of the day though, how do you save an art program based on line and shape and color?  You don't, which is why we create meaning and the elements become what use to create that meaning. 

So when it came time to talk about form we make cubes and cylinders and even try a pyramid all made out of play-dough. Students then make a pinch pot and are introduced to the ceramic process. While the pinch pots are drying I wanted students to see how forms are used in drawings and paintings.  (I'm already thinking I need to add a 3D pen to this lesson and draw!  Have you seen them?  I want one! I'm hoping they'll be at NAEA 2015 convention!)
Copied and in my binder! 

My first year teaching kindergarten was TOUGH.  I came from a high school and middle school background so I was really lost.  School Arts was my paper blog and it was perfect timing that Darcy M. Swope came out with Matisse + a Math Connection in the February edition, exactly when we’re learning about forms. Inspired by the idea, I’ve been having kindergarten recreate Matisse's Goldfish ever since and this year the lesson evolved from some art teacher mistakes! 

First mistake: I ran out of white paper! Seriously!  I’ve been going into reserves and those dusty packs in the back of the closet.  (It's actually been a very decluttering experience!) I had this gray card stock paper donated and after looking at Matisse’s Goldfish painting I realized the gray actually works well as a background color.  It was a happy mistake I ran out of white because the paints (Crayola Florescent Premier) dried beautifully over the dark paper.  I also had these fish eye stickers that I’ve got for Gyotaku printing, and then forgot to use! Another mistake…but a happy one because it made the kindergarten fish come alive and have these cute personalities, just like my kindergartners who I now love teaching!

I love how some students painted the reflection they saw in Matisse's painting! 

I printed the cylinder on the paper ahead of time.  I just used Publisher to create it. 

The fish eyes stickers really brought personalities to all the fish!
I think I have to buy them now every year for this project!

Displayed with Matisse's Goldfish