Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Craft of Quilting in Centers

Over the years of teaching,  I have collected so much information about quilts, Faith Ringgold, and Gee's Bend, but couldn't figure out how to package it all together.  I've done the story in the center of the paper, quilt border on the outside, a Gee Bend inspired quilt, and the pattern crayon drawings. None were really inspiring me this school year and I had so many resources... how to pick?

So I decided not to pick and give it all to my students!  The students often do centers in their classrooms, so I knew the procedure part would not be a problem.  I turned all my resources into centers.  We look at the quilts of Gee Bend and talked about how the artists had limited supplies.  So I gave second grade the same problem.  Limited supplies at different tables with other activities in-between.  The kids were naturals at transitioning from center to center.  We did this for three 40 minute classes and I was able to expose the kids to all the resources I had and ended up with some really amazing second grade quilts!  

CENTER ONE.  Make a Gee Bend inspired quilt from limited supplies. Every year I buy the 10 lb. paper remnants box from School Speciality.  This was a great use of it!  I had many tables dedicated to this center, each with limited and different papers. 

CENTER TWO.  Pattern Play from MindWare.  Best money ever spent!  High quality materials and my students love it!  I use it a lot with students with special needs.  It's something they often work towards.

CENTER THREE and FOUR.  Look at and read Faith Ringgold books and quilt books from our school library.  

CENTER FIVE.  Pattern block stamps with markers.

CENTER SIX and SEVEN.  Research and Tangrams.  Students found links on my website to Craft in America and Lucy Mingo.  They got to browse the website and begin to see what other artworks fall under the craft umbrella.  A Tangram app was the only free quilt related app I could find, but the kids enjoyed the puzzle.  

As you can see from the pictures, the kids carried their own quilt square with them as they moved through the centers.  Artmaking was in between almost every activity.  I had different papers each art class. I was very happy with the results and I do believe the centers helped contribute to the success of this project! 

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